Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage Therapy

Sensual massages London tends to be more intimate in nature as compared to other type of massages and involve arousing the sexual desires of the receptive partner.

However, keep in mind that the main aim may not necessarily be the achievement of an orgasm, but rather, allowing your body to relax and achieve inner peace through various movements by channelling your sexual energy.

The concept is to utilize touching, an important sense upon which human survival has been dependent upon since the start of time, to achieve the main goal. In this regard, the senses can be aroused using various parts of the body including lips, mouth and fingers amongst others. Penetrative intercourse is not part of sensual massages, which makes it completely distinct from sexual acts. While sexual organs may also be felt, the erogenous zones of the recipient partner are the main focus points.

For the recipient to fully experience the pleasure of a sensual massage London, he or she will have to completely surrender his/her body allowing it to relax and feel free. You may want to communicate your expectations to the masseur before you start, but keep in mind that you have to let yourself feel comfortable and not get nervous after the massage begins.

A certain environment is also created in order to achieve the desired goals, and very often, both partners may get naked during the massage. In such circumstances, privacy is of paramount importance. It has to be ensured that the room is isolated and sound proof. Otherwise, the necessary environment may not be created and the entire effort would be futile.

As far as lighting is concerned, bright lights are certainly avoided since they hinder in the development of the right connection and mood in our bodies. The use of candles for dim lighting is popular. Masseurs also utilize aromatic oils since their fragrance can certainly help to induce our senses letting our mind and bodies loosening up.

Throughout the sensual massage London, all parts of your body will be touched and felt very gently and softly so as to relax the muscles and release the tension within them.