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How Tantric Massage Can Bring Inner Peace

While Tantric massage has just recently been introduced in the massage parlours and studios and gained popularity in the Western world, it originated almost 5000 years ago. It is meant to give your body full relief from stress even though it can also be used by partners to reinvigorate their sex lives.

Based on the philosophy that sexual activities have a lot more to offer in addition to pleasure, Tantric massage London is not just any other erotic massage which sends vibes running through your body. While Tantric massage does not involve penetration, it revolves around the concept that a person can only gain spiritual tranquillity only if his/her sexual desires are fully satisfied and be in the position to have an orgasm. However, please keep in mind that the ultimate aim is to build up on Kundalini (sexual energy), and be able to control it inside your body rather than having an orgasm.

Moreover, Tantric massages are not based upon any strict guidelines that would govern various procedures, moves and strokes which the participants are expected to show strict adherence to. Your Tantric massage experience would certainly be different each time.

In Tantric massage, the male sexual organ is referred to as the Lingam while the female sexual organ is called Yoni. Tantric massage is basically a full body erotic massage in the real sense and you can expect your sex organs to be massaged to. But at the same time, while it arouses a lot of sexual desires within your body, the ultimate goal is not to have an orgasm. Still, it can be considered as inclusive benefit.

A feature of Tantric massage, which makes it stand out among other types of massages, is that the giver is also expected to experience pleasure, while massaging your body. Tantric massage involves a lot of intimacy when it comes to touching and feeling your body and may arouse both partners who are participating in the session. But at the same time, the fact is that a lot of massage studios these days employee professionals who have high levels of knowledge of this ancient art form and ensure that you are completely satisfied.

An essential aspect of this type of massage is that the giver should touch the body in a manner that is pleasurable to both of partners since otherwise the main goal would not be achieved. This is necessary in order for the sexual energy to be properly channelled throughout the receiver's body. Only a professional Tantric masseur would know how gentle or light the touch should be, so that the receiver develops a connection with the giver which ultimately leads to relaxation and attainment of the desired results.

An interesting aspect of Tantric massage is that the giver would not generally focus on just one part of the receiver's body as is the case with most other types of erotic massages. The concept is that receptors are present in all parts of your body and not just the Lingam and Yoni. In order to channel and bring your body's sexual energy under control, all these receptors need to be massaged and felt in an intimate way.

For the massage to be successful, the receiver is expected to allow his/her body to fully relax and feel comfortable throughout the session. While it might sound easy to do right now, in reality, people do generally feel very shy or vulnerable and this affects the overall performance and ultimate outcome. It might take some time for your body to relax and start enjoying the massage fully. Moreover, you can decide before hand with your giver what is acceptable and what is not for both of you.